What Does The Lingzhi Mushroom Do?

Mushrooms the body is able to metabolize often come with a number of health benefits. While the most common mushrooms available in grocery stores around the world are packed with nutrients, protein and are low in calories, the lingzhi mushroom provides additional health benefits as well.

There's a reason why this particular species of mushroom has been used in traditional forms of medicine for thousands of years.

Here are just some of the key benefits of the lingzi mushroom and what it does within your body. 

Lingzi Mushroom Benefits

lingzhi mushroom

Antioxidant Boost

One of the main benefits of the mushroom is its ability to deliver a high level of antioxidants to the body. This helps in a number of different ways. For starters, if you're suffering from any kind of inflammation it will assist in reducing pain suffered from it.

With the antioxidant increase it will also help with a number of skin disorders you might have and common infections, such as bronchitis, respiratory infections and UTIs. 

It is always beneficial to increase your antioxidant levels and few other health foods on the market can deliver the abundance of antioxidants like the lingzhi mushroom (Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 2003). 

Improve Natural Cancer Treatment

If you are battling cancer, the lingzhi mushroom can help your body not only fight the cancer cells but help improve the overall functionality of your body.

For starters, the boost in antioxidants can help enhance your immune system.

This is extremely important because while on cancer treatment, your immune system will likely be knocked out due to the chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Additionally, the mushroom helps increase the amount of antioxidants plasma in the blood carries. By increasing this number your blood will deliver a higher level of the anti-inflammation and recovery boosting antioxidants throughout the rest of the body. 

At the same time, the mushroom will help suppress vascular endothelial growth. All of these are important points of emphasis when it comes to your battle with cancer (Botanical Medicine For Women's Health, 2010). 

Reduce Infections

By eating these mushrooms, it is possible to naturally improve the body's ability to combat infections and viruses. This is because the mushrooms contain what is known as triterpenes. Triterpenes are commonly found in plants that taste bitter.

These bitter tasting attributes help strengthen the lining of the digestive tract.

Because of the improved lining, the body is able to lining bad bacteria from being absorbed into the body through the stomach, intestines or throat. At the same time, triterpenes helps improve the level of good bacteria (probiotics) found in the stomach as well. 

With the ability to prevent the body from absorbing undesired bacteria and viruses, it helps improve a person's ability to avoid allergies (such as asthma).

While it likely will not completely stop a person from experiencing allergy related side effects, it will help reduce symptoms from food based allergies as less of what affects the body is absorbed during digestion (The Enzymes, 2014). 

Helps the Body Balance Hormones

A boost in antioxidant levels allow for more nutrients to circulate within the blood.

This helps improve brain functionality as well as more oxygen and essential nutrients reach the brain. By improving how the brain functions this will also help with properly balancing hormonal production within the body.

By fine tuning the brain, it helps alter improper hormonal production within the central nervous system.

With the improvement, it is possible for people who suffer from fatigue due to hormonal imbalances to increase their level of energy. It can also help those who suffer from low fertility and reproductive health issues as well. 

One of the main reasons the body begins to slow down and feel sluggish is because a build up of toxins and heavy metals.

The mushrooms help absorb these toxins and higher metal levels and push it out of the body. This doesn't just help people who feel tired though.

It helps a number of individuals suffering from higher levels of toxins and heavy metals within the body, including people who commonly suffer complications from type 2 diabetes.

By reducing the level of heavy metal toxins within the body while also helping with the correcting of hormonal discharge as well, the body is able to better regulate hemoglobin levels without increasing blood sugar levels (Recent Advances in Cancer Research Therapy, 2012). 

Improve Cardiovascular Health

The triterpenes within lingzhi mushrooms provide a number of healthy benefits for the circulatory system as well. The blood already delivers higher levels of antioxidants to the rest of the body.

It also helps reduce blood pressure while boosting the body's ability to clot (thanks to the help in reducing inflammation).

Often times, high blood pressure levels are due to hormonal problems, including issues within the thyroid.

By taking the mushroom or mushroom supplement, the body will better regulate it's hormone production, including high blood pressure causing hormones. 

With the ability to lower blood pressure levels, the entire circulatory system improves. In this way, the reduction of inflammation and reduction of blood pressure levels work hand in hand, with one improving the other, almost on a continual loop.

By cutting down on high cholesterol levels, the body will become less likely to suffer from clogged arteries. By cutting down on clogged arteries a person should experience fewer chest pains and complications from a shortness of breath. 

All of this is possible with the aid of the lingzhi mushroom or a concentrated lingzhi mushroom supplement/extract (Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 2003).

lingzhi mushroom for health

How Does the Lingzhi Mushroom Enter the Body

The mushroom enters the body's blood stream as it is absorbed in the digestive tract.  While eating the mushroom is an option, it is often less expensive to consume it in tea, soup, extract or powder form.

Plus, the processed versions of the mushroom come in higher concentrations, which means the body can absorb more of the mushroom faster (and deliver the benefits quicker). 

Why the Mushroom is Effective?

The lingzhi mushroom is made up of a complex sugar (a complex carbohydrate) referred to as beta-glucans.

This beta-glucans can help stabilize hormone production within the body while the acidic substance within the mushroom helps the body in it's fight against numerous external threats, ranging from allergens to cancers.  

Adding the lingzhi mushroom to your diet comes loaded with benefits.

Whether you're looking to improve your energy levels or boost your immune system, it's worth investing in the mushroom and lingzhi mushroom extracts.

Of course, if you are on any kind of medication, it's a good idea to discuss adding the mushroom to your diet to make sure there are no complications or undesired side effects.