What Are Adaptogenic Herbs?

Isn't it amazing how just a few changes in your diet and additions in supplements can completely alter how you feel during the day? Subtract one food here, add in one herb there and you feel likely a completely new person.

Sure, it may take a bit of experimentation in order to do that.

After all, we don't always know exactly what's going on or what will make us feel better, but once any of us hits the sweet spot of dieting and supplements, it really can make life that much more improved.

Adaptogenic herbs are some of the additions to your diet you should consider. But what are adaptogenic herbs?

We've got all the answers and then some for you right here. 

What are Adaptogenic Herbs

Your body does what it can to regulate the delivery of hormones to the needed areas.

However, over time your body may begin to struggle with proper hormonal regulation.

Whether this is from a lack of sleep, stress or other conditions, you may begin to feel a shift in how your body performs, all of which is connected with hormonal issues. These often lead to further stress and

Adaptogenic herbs work alongside your body in order to help correct these issues.

When added to your daily regimen, these herbs are able to boost your immune system, help support you with healthy weight management, boost your physical endurance, help encourage a balanced mood and improve your mental focus. 

Now, these are not magic foods or supplements.

These herbs simply contain elements designed to help boost your body's ability to perform by delivering the needed nutrients.

There are a handful of different adaptogenic herbs available, each of which helps improve different areas of your body.

Knowing what each of these herbs does can help you decide what to add to your daily diet.

Holy Basil

No, this plant wasn't delivered to the Vatican and blessed by the pope (it would come with a much higher price tag if it was). The plant itself is in the same family as mint, but contains soothing properties that helps improve your overall health.

Plus, it is high in antioxidants, which helps combat illness.

This in turn also will aid you in fighting stress, so if you're dealing with a good amount of stress in your life, this is a great option to use. 

Asian Ginseng

You may also see this supplement at the store go by the name of Panax Ginseng. If you currently struggle physically maintaining your endurance levels, this supplement can help.

It also helps boost mental clarity.

There's a reason why a number of years ago there were television commercials with big named actors (including Dennis Franz from NYPD Blue) touting the power of ginseng. On top of the mental and physical help, it also can improve heart health.

Rhodiola Rosea

This herb has been used by Sherpas around Mt. Everest for centuries. This is because it not only helps fight altitude sickness but improves energy levels.

If you are moving to a location with a higher elevation or you just want to boost your energy level, adding this supplement is recommended. 

Milk Thistle

Looking to improve your liver health? Milk thistle can do that. It also helps your metabolism levels as well. 

Ginseng Eluthero

At the store, this will likely go by the title of Siberian Ginseng (so yes, stock up on your different kinds of ginseng). It helps boost your energy naturally.

adaptogen herbs 101


Again, another ginseng, as this one goes by the name of Indian Ginseng. This supplement helps improve your ability to handle stress.

It is also excellent at improving your mental clarity. If there are times you feel a fogginess mentally, this supplement can help you with that issue. 


Thankfully, this is one of the supplemental adaptogenic herbs you can add to your cooking. The herb does do more than just improve the quality of your meals though.

Within the chemical compound of the herb, you'll find rosmarinic acid and caffeic acid. These both help support heart, liver and digestive system health. It also helps reduce stress levels.

That's why if you go to a spa they will use massage oils with rosemary infused into it.


Astragalus has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is seen as an excellent stress fighter and can help improve the quality of your kidneys.

If you're going through a body detox, this supplement is one to add into the diet. 

Aloe Vera

You don't need to only hold onto aloe vera for sun burns. Aloe is also considered a superfood as it will help improve your immune system and adrenal glands.

Your adrenal glands produce a number of vital hormones within your body, so maintaining adrenal glands is extremely important to boosting your body's wellbeing. 

Gotu Kola

Here is another traditional Chinese medicine supplement. This particular her will boost blood flow and reduce swelling.

As it improves blood flow your body will be able to deliver necessary nutrients and oxygen to the rest of your body. 


This is a traditional herbal supplement that has been used throughout Asia and India for centuries. It is used to improve mental clarity and boost your focus. 

Moringa Oleifera

These supplements are made up of the entire Moringa Oleifera plant (including the leaves, roots and seeds).

Found throughout Southeast Asia, this traditional medicine herb helps improve your immune system and reduces swelling. It helps regulate your adrenal glands and improves your energy. 

Licorice Root

This herb improves your metabolic rate and is used to reduce your overall levels of stress.

If you are pregnant or nursing though you should not consume licorice root (if you are pregnant it is recommended to consult with your doctor about any kind of supplements and herbal additions you're considering on making with your diet.

This way, you can avoid any potential complications, especially if you are currently on any prescribed medications from your primary physician). 


This traditional Chinese medicine herb is used to help boost your overall wellness levels. It also delivers a boost in antioxidants in order to help improve your body's ability to fight of sickness

In Conclusion

It doesn't take all that much to improve your diet and to help boost your overall wellbeing.

One of the very best ways to do this is with the aid of adaptogenic herbs. It's never too late to start with adding these to your diet.

Whether you're dealing with stress levels or feel fatigued due to a hormonal imbalance, these herbs can help.