Red Reishi: What Are It's Benefits?

The red reishi is a mushroom with a reddish-brown tint to it (think along the lines of a rust color). The mushroom itself has been around and used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Whatever your level of belief in traditional medicine is, one thing we like to say is if something has been in use for certain treatments for thousands of years, there's a reason.

This mushroom is perfectly safe to consume, although as the fungus itself is a bit chewier than your traditional button mushroom, it isn't used as often as culinary ingredient.

Of course, you're not here looking for omelet recipes (although you really could use the red reishi in one). You're here to find out what the benefits are when consuming it.

Well here is everything you need to know about the red reishi, including the possible health benefits

More About the Red Reishi Mushroom

The red reishi mushroom itself comes from areas in Asian, such as the Korean peninsula, Japan and China. It is available in its physical form, although you'll likely only find it in certain Asian food markets.

You're far more likely to come across the reish mushroom in supplement form at the local health food store. You may also find it in tea form, which is how it has been used traditionally. 

Slow Down (and Prevent) Tumor Growth

The red reishi mushroom fights against inflammation. This cuts down on swelling and allows additional blood and oxygen to be delivered to areas around the body.

Due to this, it also helps combat tumors. The high levels of antioxidants also help in preventing (and fighting) against cancer. 

Within the mushroom there is a compound known as polysaccharides, which is a nutrient commonly found in complex carb rich foods (think whole grains and brown rice kind of foods or even sweet potatoes).

The compound is known to protect DNA from free radicals and prevent it from shifting form. 

A number of bright colored and bitter tasting foods have cancer fighting capabilities.

Pumpkins, black rice and berries, for example, all fall under the "super food" category because of this (and all come with a high abundance of antioxidants). The same is true with the red reishi mushroom. 

Unlike other foods where the product is used directly for one particular kind of cancer, red reishi mushrooms have been found helpful in combating a wide range of cancers, including lung, prostate, breast, liver, ovarian and other cancers.

The mushroom may also help reduce the effects of chemotherapy, like nausea and other low immunity issues.

Due to this, for anyone who may be currently suffering from cancer or going through chemotherapy treatments, it is highly recommended to look into adding this cancer fighting food to the diet (although we do suggest consulting with your primary care physician to make sure the added food will not cause problems with other medication you may be taking. It's unlikely that it will, but it's always essential to ask with regards to these kinds of situations.)

Improves Heart Health 

The triterpenes found within the mushrooms help lower your blood pressure. As the red reishi helps lower inflammation, it helps restore the hormonal balance within the body.

By doing this, it will reduce the possibility of high cholesterol build up, which is often a cause of a hormonal imbalance (especially with regards to the thyroid). By correcting the hormonal levels within the body. 

Boost Energy Levels

At the same time, the mushroom does help absorb and remove some toxins and heavy metals that may build up within the body. When there is an over abundance of metals within the body it can cause a feeling of tiredness.

By removing these higher levels of metals from within the body it will boost energy levels.

Additionally, as it helps boost blood flow and circulation, your memory will improve, you'll experience a higher quality of sleep and you'll even see a boost in your concentration. 

red reishi benefits

Helps Fight Asthma and Allergies

Do you quiver a bit when it comes to spring?

Do you look outside the window and shiver when you see the pollen blowing from flowers and trees?

That can be a real nightmare if you have seasonal allergies, and outside of wearing a breathing mask, there's not much you can do about it.

Or is there?

Beyond popping allergy medication to keep your eyes from burning and your nose from running, you may be able to include the red reishi mushroom in your diet and boost your immunity to these allergies. 

How does this work?

The triterpens inside of the mushroom is what's known as a ganoderic acid. This reduces your allergic reaction as it improves your immune system and helps with your digestive organs, such as adding a protective layer to the lining in your gut.

By reducing the body's ability to absorb some of the allergy causing objects you might consume, you'll reduce your symptoms and improve your overall level of enjoyment . 

Improve Your Body's Ability to Fight Infections

There's a reason why anything high in antioxidants is known as a "super food." It helps your body's ability to fight infections. It also reduces inflammation, which allows for that improved flow of oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body.

As your body is delivering these nutrients to areas of your body attempting to fight off infection, you have an improved chance of blocking these dangerous infections from pushing further into the body. Think of it as an improved line of defense against an attacking foe. 

Even if you already have an infection, by adding the mushroom to your diet you may reduce the time you're suffering from the infection. It also helps battle fatigue, so you'll feel better sooner rather than later.

This is true for a number of different infections, ranging from UTIs to hepatitis, sinus infections, bronchitis as well as symptoms and side effects of HIV and AIDs. 

Consuming the Reishi Mushroom

Whether you decide to purchase the supplement or dice up the mushroom into food, the best way to eat or consume it is with foods high in vitamin C. This helps your body absorb the mushroom more completely. 

In Conclusion

There are a number of beneficial health benefits connected with the red reishi mushroom.

So whether you purchase it in its actual, physical form, or you decide to use an extract, supplement or powder, there are a number of health benefits you'll obtain simply by consuming it.

From reducing inflammation and fatigue to slowing down tumor growth while helping combat high blood pressure, you'll quickly discover just how beneficial the plant is. All from a small, rust colored mushroom.