Dong Chong Xia Cao: Everything You Need To Know

When you look at something that's been around for thousands of years, there's usually a reason behind it. Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, predates most other forms of medicine. The region practiced, performed and perfected many forms of medicine far before any other area of the world.

So when you look at traditional Chinese medicines, you already know this has been used by more individuals throughout the history of the world than any other kind of medicine a physician might prescribe.

Take dong chong xia cao.

For Westeners, the name is a bit of a mouthful, although it also goes by the name cordyceps sinensis (not exactly easier to pronounce, but it's scientifically given name).

This is an herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and for good reason.

So if you're interested in what Chinese medicine has to offer and whether or not it's worth adding to your daily regimen, we've got all the answers for you right here. 

Dong Chong Xia Cao benefits

What Exactly is Dong Chong Xia Cao aka  Cordyceps Sinensis?

The process of producing dong chong xia cao is an interesting one. If someone pitched you the idea of it, you'd swear it came out of some campy 70s horror movie, but in realty it is a natural process (what goes on in nature is truly fascinating when you really stop and think about it).

The finished product is a fungus.

However, it is a fungus that grows out of insects, usually caterpillars, but it can grow out of anything, like ants or beetles. 

 What happens is the fungus spores land on the host and begin burrowing into the insect. The fungus starts to eat away at the live insect, using it as nourishment.

Basically, it eats away at the insect while it is alive.

The spores do usually begin at the brain, so it's not excessively prolonged. The brain is high in fat, which is an excellent fuel source for the spores. This allows it to grow quickly.

Now, don't worry, this kind of spore does not attack humans, not to mention these particular spores are only located in select regions high in the mountainous regions of China, Nepal, Tibet and other, nearby regions.

The Mushroom

As the spores feed off of the insect's tissue, it will begin to grow. Most will grow to around 5 cm long, although it can grow beyond 7 cm. This partially depends on the size of the insect.

The mushroom can only grow as large as the available nourishment provides, so larger mushrooms will grow from larger insects. 

The mushrooms are slender spires.

The chemical makeup of the mushrooms is around 25 percent crude protein, 8.4 percent fat, and a host of vitamins, including Vitamin A, C, B12, nicotinic amide, nicotinic acid, alkaloids and others.

Basically it is jam packed full of nutrients and proteins.

Identifying and Collecting Spores

When dealing with traditional medicines that have been around for thousands of years, the exact point of discovery can be a bit murky. However, it is believed that farmers in Nepal noticed oxen that had consumed these kinds of mushrooms were healthier and stronger than the other animals.

From there, the collection of these mushrooms began.

Of course, as the mushrooms only grew in the mountainous regions and, at the time, couldn't be cultivated, it made it difficult to collect a large amount of these spores, not to mention those that were collected were expensive. 

However, it is no longer necessary to go out into the mountains and try to collect spores in Northern Asia. These spores are now easily cultivated in a lab, which has helped bring the price down and made it widely available. 

Dong Chong Xia Cao

Health Benefits of the Mushrooms

The dong chong xia cao fungus brings with it a number of health benefits. For starters it boosts your immune system.

Basically, it helps fine tune everything. It's like the tuneup you need for your car from time to time.

When taking the dong chong xia cao, it will help your body produce an increased number of anti-bodies, which helps kill off infections. It also boosts the function of immune cells within your body as well. 

As the dong chong xia cao fungus helps with your immune system and it's ability to kill off undesired cellular activity within your body, it can also help with the fight against cancer.

It is able to target and fight against tumors. It has proven most beneficial with individuals who suffer from cancer of the nose, liver cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, pharyngeal cancer and others.

In fact, according to the Chinese Cancer Treatment and Protection Network, 91.7 percent of those who took the dong chong xia cao saw a reduction in the size of their tumor and cancer cells.

If you struggle with fatigue, the dong chong xia cao mushrooms may help with this.

It has been found to help improve cellular energy while reducing the level of fatigue you experience. The mitochondria is the energy source, or "battery" if every cell.

The herb is found to help improve the energy levels within the mitochondria, which in turn allows the cells to accept energy delivered by blood easier and faster.

This way, your body avoid feeling fatigued as quickly. 

It is important to take care of your liver as your liver prevents toxins from entering the rest of your body.

While the liver is designed to refresh itself, it is helpful to provide additional assistance with liver. The dong chong xia cao mushroom helps with this as it helps reduce injuries the livery may sustain when attempting to remove toxins from the body.

By doing this, it also helps your body resist the development of liver fibrosis.

Likewise, it will also help with your kidneys as well. It boosts kidney health and helps prevent kidney damage which may occur when the kidneys are overtaxed from the removal of toxins within the body.

This also helps prevent the development of chronic kidney disease.

In Conclusion

Traditional Chinese medicine can provide you with a number of healthy benefits.

These benefits help boost your mood, improve your body's wellbeing and assist in your overall makeup naturally, without the aid of chemicals found in most medications.

There is a time and place for bot traditional and current forms of practiced medicine, including the dong chong xia cao herb. With all of the possible benefits attributed to it, adding it to your daily regimen is highly recommended.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from using the highly beneficial dong chong xia cao plant.