What Is Caterpillar Fungus?

When it comes to interesting plant life, the caterpillar fungus may just take the cake. This particular fungus begins as a spore (like most fungus).

However, the spore lands on an insect, usually a caterpillar, and begins to burrow into the alive caterpillar, feeding on it.

Basically it begins to push itself into the insect and eat away, using the internal organs as nutrition until the caterpillar eventually dies.

However, once the caterpillar is dead there's still plenty of nourishment left, so the fungus continues to consume and grow.

If you were to look at a picture of caterpillar fungus with the caterpillar still attached, it looks like a giant horn growing out the top of the caterpillar.

It usually focuses on the head because there's more nutritional organs in the head versus the rest of the body, which is mostly just fat.

It's a pretty interesting concept (unless you're the caterpillar) and it comes with some incredible health benefits. So from spore to health food, here's what you need to know about the caterpillar fungus. 

Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels with Caterpillar Fungus

When regularly consuming the mushroom, it has helped lower high blood sugar levels. So, if you struggle maintaining a health blood sugar level, this is an excellent option to include in your diet. 

Now, if you already have low blood sugar, you'll want to avoid it. Additionally, if you already take medication to lower your blood sugar you want to consult your doctor.

Taking medication as well as adding supplements capable of lowering your blood sugar may reduce the level of blood sugar to an unhealthy amount, which in turn can cause you to pass out.

However, if you're interested in a potentially healthy alternative to using medication, this does have the opportunity of providing you with that option. 

If you suffer from diabetes, the caterpillar fungus may help with that as well. When regularly taking the fungus it can improve your body's tissue sensitivity to insulin. This also lowers the insulin response to carbs you eat. 

caterpillar fungus benefits

How Caterpillar Fungus Can Improve Your Heart Health

If you have an irregular heart beat, the caterpillar fungus may be able to help with that. For starters, it will help maintain a regular heart beat. So if you have a slight heart palpitation, this may help.

In fact, the Chinese government has approved the caterpillar fungus as a scientifically recognized way to maintain a healthy heart. 

If you suffer from chronic kidney disease, you'll likely already know it can affect your metabolic rate and, at the same time, cause damage to your heart, liver and other internal organs.

Regular consumptions of the caterpillar fungus can help with prevent this damage while correcting your metabolic rate. 

Furthermore, regularly taking the fungus may help the body accept a heart transplant at higher frequencies than those who do not consume the fungus.

This research is still in the earlier stages though, so even with the potential benefits, it's recommended, should you need a heart transplant, to follow the exact dietary instructions of your doctor. 

Improve Immune System

With regular consumption, the fungus is able to help normalize and maintain the macrophage and lymphocyte functions within the body. This way, the immune system is able to address illness, injury and infections faster.

It also has the ability to improve antioxidant production within the body, which is a natural immune system booster. This can also help muscles recover faster following exercise, which allows you to get back in the gym and put in a higher level of effort. 

Use Caterpillar Fungus to Fight Fatigue

If you suffer from fatigue, it's usually because your body's blood stream is not delivering enough nutrients and oxygen to other areas of your body.

In order to reduce fatigue you need to improve this ability.

With the help of the caterpillar mushroom it is possible to do that. When regularly consuming the mushroom it will help produce what is known as ATP, which is an energy source used by your body's cells and delivered through the blood stream. 

Even if you do not suffer from extended fatigue, the fungus can help improve your performance when working out or partaking in an athletic activity.

So, if you want to put in more work at the gym or really push yourself, increasing your body's ATP level is recommended. As consumption of the fungus can help do this naturally, it's a viable option for you to consider. 

Potential Side Effects of the Caterpillar Fungus

There are some minor side effects that appear in a small percentage of individuals who regularly take the mushroom. However, for these side effects are mild in most cases.

Additionally, side effects are more prominent when you first begin taking the fungus, as your body needs to adjust to something it is not use to consuming (so if you have a sensitive stomach or thin lining in your digestive track you may be at greater risk of demonstrating some of these side effects at first). 

Dry mouth is a common side effect, as are some stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea. If your stomach does begin to demonstrate these kinds of signs it is recommended to lower the dosage to allow your body to better adapt to it.

Additionally, it is not recommended to take the fungus if you have bleeding disorders. 

caterpillar fungus health benefits

Address Libido Concerns with Caterpillar Fungus

In ancient Chinese medicine, consumption of the fungus has been used for centuries. The fungus does have the ability to improve your reproductive activity, such as maintaining an erection.

It does have sexual health benefits for both men and women though, so it can be consumed by either gender. 

In Conclusion

The caterpillar fungus tself a pretty interesting study. If you want more of the scientific and educational background on how the fungus is able to burrow itself into the living host, there are some great literary blogs out there to check out. In terms of medical benefits, it's worth considering.

Now, you likely don't want to splurge on the authentic fungus that's located around Nepal and Tibet. This kind of fungus can run you a few thousand dollars.

However, the same health benefits come from lab grown fungus, so you don't need to go on a journey to northern China to located the fungus (unless you want to of course, as it would be a pretty epic adventure).

From helping you maintain health blood sugar levels to improving your heart health, there are a number of physical benefits available from adding the fungus to your diet.